Angela Dallaire Bruce Memorial Scholarship

About Us



Angela Dallaire Bruce was the consummate musician, who dedicated her life to teaching inner city and at risk students in her efforts to make the world a better place through music. As a child she participated in and studied all of the performing arts in school, church, and community functions - dance, singing, guitar, and theatre. As a young adult, she met her husband while they performed leading roles in an opera in college. As an adult, she specialized in elementary music education, with her Bachelor's degree from Arizona State University and Master's degree from Central Michigan University. As an elementary music educator she was unparalleled. She and her groups of students from inner city schools were frequently invited to be showcased at statewide music education conferences and were lifted up as examples by her own district as well as universities who sought to place their student educators under her guidance. She believed strongly in mixing movement, instrumental, and vocal music and in the ability of music to move students and communities to positive outcomes and community togetherness.


What We Do

Upon Angela's death in February of 2018, her family, friends, and colleagues opted to continue her life's work by establishing a scholarship fund in her name to enable inner city and at risk elementary and middle school music students to attend summer music camps at no cost to them. Students who are selected will receive full scholarships to attend a music camp for voice, instrumental, dance, or theatre. The amount of the scholarship awarded will depend upon Association funds and the cost of the camp, but in no case will it be less than the total cost of camp tuition. Links to the scholarship application, as well as links to activities and ways the community can contribute to the growth of the fund are listed in this site. The sole purpose of this Association is to raise funds for the scholarship and continue Angela's life work.